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How can I Recover my Disabled Gmail Account?

Google has started disabling the account for illegal activities in recent times for violating the policy. If you have received a notification saying ‘Google accounts are usually disabled’. You’ll also be redirected to the account disabled policy pages.

There are many policies that you may have violated which resulted in the disablement of the account. Few of the activities are:

  • Illegal activities like spreading terrorism, drugs, or hatred using services like Gmail.
  • If you are collecting personally identifiable information, you might get banned.
  • Your account may get banned for spamming or unauthorized emails without the consent of the users.
  • Any fraud activity detected from your account that violets the policies of Google.

Fortunately, you can easily recover the Gmail account. There are ways to recover the disable Gmail account and the best one is to call the Gmail support phone number. You can call their support number and get help from the trained and experienced executives at Gmail.

What happens after the Gmail account is disabled

  • You won’t be able to able to access any Google services. When you try to sign in to the Gmail, you’ll get an error message or be sent to the account disabled help page.
  • And Google will notify you of the disablement of the account via text or email.

To recover the Gmail account you can request Google to restore the account.

Let’s look at the steps to recover the Gmail account:

  • You have to sign in to your Google account on browsers like chrome or safari
  • Then, select the option of Try to restore from the disabled account.
  • Now, you need to fill out the form to restore the disabled account.
  • Follow all the instructions by Google recover helper and you will be able to request to restore your account.

You can also download the data from the disabled Google account if you don’t want to recover the account. If you don’t want to get your account, you may be able to download and save account data from all of Google services.

You can try downloading the data by logging in normally and then you will get the option to download your data. Google takes about 24-48 hours to reply them to your restore request. But you have to be patient as this can take longer than that.

If you are still not able to recover your account with these steps. It is advised that you use the services of Gmail customer support team. They have trained and professional who are ready to help with your problems. They are really friendly and solve all your problems with ease.

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